Peace & Love for the Planet

In addition to bringing peace to millions of lactose intolerant tummies, we’re doing our part to bring peace and balance to the planet. Green Valley Organic’s farms and creamery are Certified Organic. This means we always use organic farming practices. The cows on our farms are free range; they enjoy a peaceful life grazing on green grass under the blue Sonoma sky most of the year. Our grain and hay are organic and organic certification does not allow the use of genetically modified feeds for our cows. No growth hormones are ever used on our cows, and BST is never used to increase milk production. We believe in the natural approach, whether we’re raising milk cows or culturing yogurt. So to control insects and weeds, we use natural predators, insects and trapping, not chemical pesticides or herbicides. It’s all part of creating a healthier dairy and promoting a healthier planet. And both of those are good for everyone, whether they buy our products, or not.