Back to Nature: The Bucolic Farm of Green Valley Organics®

Located in beautiful Sonoma County, Green Valley Organics® is dedicated to producing the purest, best tasting milk for our lactose free yogurt, kefir, sour cream and cream cheese. And, while our craftsmanship and sustainable approach do make our products special, it really all starts with the farm. Our farms are peaceful places where pride for the farm life spans generations. At Diamond W Dairy, brothers Ron and Ken Wilson along with their wives Kathy and Clairette, do things the old fashioned way. The land has been in their family since the 1920s. With 13 farm hands and family members, Diamond W has 1,750 acres of prime grazing land that nurtures their award-winning Holsteins. The cows aren’t the only award winners, though. Diamond W has also been awarded Sonoma County Dairy of the Year. With a farm like this, how could you not create delicious, creamy yogurt, kefir and sour cream that people – especially lactose intolerant people – will enjoy wholeheartedly?

The Land of Happy Cows

Our longtime employee, Steve Considine, well-known writer in the dairy goat world, recently visited Diamond W. and spoke with Ron Wilson about the history of their family dairy. Read the full interview here.